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"Beautiful CD"
- Joel Chadabe, President of the Electronic Music Foundation
"Superbly recorded...and highly accomplished"
- Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic
"Like so much adventurous music, this arresting disc might be hard to find but is well worth seeking out."
- Signal-to-Noise, Issue #29, Spring 2003
"A beautiful, powerful piece"
- .microsound mailing list
"Densely beautiful"
"Bravo for the courage and energy that it took to put it out!"
- Gerard Pape, Director of CCMIX
- Kevin Blechdom

To Your Face: The Absence Of Theory is a collection of music created in March-April 2002 from files created at CCMIX (Center for the Composition of Music Iannis Xenakis) in Paris in July 1999 using their UPIC sonographic music software (except for Text Etude. See Notes). All sound was digitally generated; no acoustic samples were used. The full gamut of digital compostion techniques were applied: micromontage, compression, expansion, cloning, intuitive and formal structuring, random cut and paste, filtering, etc. From these varying methods of (de)composition, a variety of genres were created: glitch, nanoblip, drone, ambient, and so on.

Behind Your Back: Alright already, enough of the wanky intellectual posturing. Dude. Rock.

The Absence Of Theory CDGet the CD for your collection! Due to the extreme low and high frequencies of the tracks, mp3 files don't match the high fidelity of the CD itself.

Buy the signed limited edition CD (only 500 made) for $9.99.

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